Friday, November 19, 2010

UPDATED WITH PETITION: Kristina brings Judge Terrence Walters before the United States Supreme Court

I moved most of my earlier post with the Bible verses to this page, in the interest of making more room on my Blog.

To see the blog post regarding the Facebook page in support of Jim Freihammer and a link to that page, please scroll down a couple of posts to the one entitled "This is absolutely shocking"

Okay, this is the big announcement:

I am bringing Judge Terrence Walters (and, by default, Appeals Judge Larry Stauber) before the United States Supreme Court over his actions when he played the role of an audio forensic expert witness, using only his naked ear, on behalf of the Freihammers in Freihammer v. Powers.  My Petition to the US Supreme Court was filed on November 10, and it was placed on the Docket on November 17. 

I almost killed myself off working on that thing; I wrote it myself.  It was then made into 50 soft-cover books and shipped out to Washington, D.C.  How cool is THAT?!

I'm sure it's not perfect by any means, but I just did the best I could and prayed I remembered and learned everything I needed to!

(Sorry I didn't get this up last night; I was SOOOOOOOO tired that I unexpectedly fell asleep on the couch really early and ended up sleeping all night!)

Here is the Petition (minus the appendix, which was also printed in the book...that is the appendix referenced in the Petition, i.e. Judge Walters' ruling, court orders, etc.).  You can click on each clip below, and then when you are taken to a white page with just that clip on it, you can click or double-click on the clip again to make it full-screen.

If I messed something up or you can't view it, you can leave a comment on this post letting me know what's wrong and I'll see if I can fix it.

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